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Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS | 5 Android Tricks you have to know 2022

Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS | 5 Android Tricks you have to know 2022


 Hello, I brought five amazing android tricks for you guys after a long time each trick is better than the other, Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world. But how do you use it to its full potential? Here are five Android tricks that will make your life easier, give you more freedom and let you have more fun. So read this article till the end and give it a review too So hello friends I am, Uzair Hussain and you are professional tech blogs. Let's start with this article.

android tips and tricks 2022
Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS | 5 Android Tricks you have to know 2022

1. Video to mp3 converter 

So the first android trick here is very simple but it becomes very useful sometimes suppose you have a video and you want to send this particular video to someone as an audio file what do you do then? You go to a website search video to mp3 converter then you upload and convert it then you send it right? or you install an external application.

To do all that but what if I tell you that you can very easily like in a fraction of seconds do this thing like convert video to audio it'd be great right? I know It is very simple what you have to do is go to your file manager and first search the particular video and go to rename it's in mp4 format so convert the mp4 to mp3 then tap on OK and BOOM you can see now that the particular video is converted to audio and when you open it starts to play with any mp3 player you just tap on it then you can see that the video here started to run in mp3 format you saw right? How simple it is. You can also do it very simply. 

Very Simple Very Simple So give it a try and now.

android tricks 2022
android tips and tricks 2022

2. Prank with your friends

let's move to the next trick now if you apply the next trick not in your phone in your friend's phone then its condition will be like this I mean you can pull pranks. By prank I mean a setting which upon applying the phone's display starts to malfunction like this it is scary heartbeats fast You can do it to joke around it's a very simple setting what you have to do is snatch the phone from your friend.

Anyhow then you go to the settings on the smartphone then you guys know how to turn on developers option as the developer option is enabled, you have to search "show surface updates" as you search, you can see this option you have to turn it on when you turn it on something happens to the phone as you keep touching the screen it starts to flicker keeps blinking like if anyone sees this for the first time then their condition will be this and whom you want to do it too and how you know all that and you know how the reaction will be after that turn it off after you got the treat from them.

3. Android phone storage problem solve

Well into the next trick if there is an issue of storage in your phone like the storage of your smartphone is very less due to which you have to use google drive to store the files and sometimes google storage is filled and starts asking for money because it has a storage limitation factor of 15 GB but if I say that there's an application in your phone you can use it as unlimited cloud storage for free how will it be?Wouldn't it be fun? So that application is telegram.

Yes this is not an ordinary app it is useful though we use it for another purpose it has many more features which we can't implement. you know right you can send files of unlimited size to anyone in telegram like no matter how big it is you can send it so you can do one thing create a group on telegram don't post your stuff rather the movies and the many big files in your phone which is impossible to store in your phone you can store those in here and you can access your files and with that, if you also want someone else to view them you can just add them in that group I use telegram as personal cloud storage it's unlimited if I want to store things Not very personal but I store things that wouldn't matter much even if someone got access to them I upload them. How did you like this particular trick?.

4. Text yourself in WhatsApp 

 Next, if you are alone and no one messages you on WhatsApp then don't be upset you can also message yourself on WhatsApp Well this was a joke but you have to laugh. 

Using it you can text yourself in WhatsApp like if you want to store any notes then rather than sending it to your ex blocked account you can send it to yourself which is very safe and sometimes there are some important files lost in our school or college group which we have to search and find later going to the file manager or suppose you need to store a document somewhere then send it to yourself right forward it will stay there you can easily access it later because no other guy or girl can text there Instead of you so it's a very simple method.

Go to any browser of your phone write in your search bar write this or it won't work then dial your number and search it will show you a page that says continue to chat then tap on it BOOM you can see that it shows your number as a chat then you can see that whatever message you send here gets instantly blue ticked Well no one will send you a message there but if anyone texts you there then think of it as me and in what ways and how will you guys use this trick let me know in the comments so that I get to know in how many ways can we implement this particular trick you will learn from me I will learn from you it will keep going as always and by using this trick.

Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS | 5 Android Tricks you have to know 2022
Android SECRETS, TIPS and TRICKS | 5 Android Tricks you have to know 2022

5. You can send images to anyone on WhatsApp

The next trick you can send images to anyone on WhatsApp from any browser without downloading that particular image yes it is possible what you have to do is open any browser search for any picture you want to send after that hold the picture then you can see a "copy image" option tap on it then go to WhatsApp to the particular chat where you want to send the image then an icon of that image will show here and an option of a paste next to it and as you tap on paste then that particular image will start to show here you can send it by one tap and you don't even have to download it. 

Very simple right? How do you know this? I learned from my father well this was it. 5 amazing android tricks I know it's very less but It will increase in the coming days the numbers.

Blog conclusion

There are tons of apps and tricks available for the Android platform, but it can be hard to know which ones are actually worth using. In this article, we'll share five tips that will make your life easier, give you more freedom, and save you time. So here are the five best tips for Android users. 

let's meet in the next article, so Goodbye.

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