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Top Korean Skincare Products For Hyperpigmentation (red marks, Drak Spots) 2022

Top Korean Skincare Products For Hyperpigmentation (red marks, Drak Spots) 2022


Today's article is all about hyperpigmentation:  how it works, how to treat it, and last but not least,  my top Korean serums to lighten all types of dark spots.  Hello everyone Welcome  If you're new here, my name is Uzair Hussain  and I work as an art director in the beauty industry in Pakistan. On this blog, I use my professional experience  to bring you informative content  on Korean beauty trends and history,  so if you'd like to take your K-Beauty knowledge to the next level  make sure to follow my blog Professional tech. Today's article was highly requested  and it's about treating all types of hyperpigmentation  using Korean skincare products. Let's start Top Korean Skincare Products For Hyperpigmentation (red marks, Drak Spots) 2022.

Top Korean Skincare Products For Hyperpigmentation (red marks, Drak Spots) 2022.

Top Korean Skincare Products For Hyperpigmentation (red marks, Drak Spots) 2022.

Part 1:  How to treat hyperpigmentation

How to treat hyperpigmentation.  To understand how to reduce hyperpigmentation  and even out your skin tone,  it's very important to have a general understanding of  why you get dark spots in the first place.  On your skin, there are some specialized cells  called "melanocytes" that are responsible for  the production of melanin,  a pigment that also determines your skin color.  Melanocytes can be triggered to produce more melanin than usual  by factors like UV rays,  aging, hormones, or skin injuries like acne for example.  This excess melanin is transferred to other skin cells  and moves up to the outer layer of the skin  to protect it from potential damage.  In a way, you can think of melanin  as your skin's natural protective shield  against external aggressors.  The downside, however, is that this excess melanin  leads to the darkening of the skin.  And depending on the situation,  this could lead to an overall tan or  uneven pigmentation.  For a complete treatment of hyperpigmentation 

there are 3 things you can do.

1. Use targeted skincare products

One, use targeted skincare products  to inhibit the production of excess melanin.  These products will not give you dramatic results overnight and it's important to use them regularly  for at least a month to get significant effects.  So don't give up after the first week  just because you don't see any improvement.  Your skin takes on average 27 days to regenerate,  so be patient and trust the process! 

2. Exfoliate

 The second thing you can do is exfoliate  to get rid of darker old skin cells.  Skin naturally sheds older superficial cells over time,  so technically you don't "need" to exfoliate,  but if you do, it can help speed this process of cell turnover.  Just be careful to not overdo it!  Exfoliation can be beneficial,  but it can also damage your skin if you're too aggressive.  And that's why the type of exfoliation and frequency  should be tailored to your skin type and situation.  

3. Reduce hyperpigmentation

The last thing you can do to reduce hyperpigmentation,  and this is non-negotiable,  it's very important that you wear sunscreen every day  and don't forget to re-apply every two hours.  Like we saw a moment ago,  when skin is exposed to UV rays  it will start to produce more melanin than usual to protect itself,  so even if you're using the best  brightening skincare product on the market,  you're going to find yourself back to square one  if you don't wear sunscreen.

Part 2:  Top Korean serums for hyperpigmentation.

 In this part, I'll show you my favorite Korean serums  to treat all types of hyperpigmentation,  including post-inflammatory and brown hyperpigmentation. I should tell you that  my favorite Korean serums for hyperpigmentation  also include the 3 serums  that I mentioned in my article on vitamin C. 

1. Blemish Care Up Serum

 The first product I want to show you  is the "Blemish Care Up Serum" by Iso.  Iso's "Blemish Care Up Serum" has been the most sold   in Korea for the past 9 years,  so to say that this product has a cult following  somehow feels like an understatement.  I think the main reason that keeps me and many other people  going back to this serum  is that there's nothing quite like it  when it comes to treating post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  The main active ingredient at work in this serum  is a brightening ingredient called Arbutin.  You can find many Arbutin serums on the market,  but there are a few things about the "Blemish Care Up Serum"  that makes it stand out from the competition. 


First, this serum is truly a powerhouse of  soothing and anti-inflammatory ingredients.  So while Arbutin can help you improve hyperpigmentation,  the rest of the formula is effective  in reducing the redness and irritation  that usually come with post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. 


 And the second and most important feature of this product  is that it's versatile,  both in terms of texture and in terms of skin sensitivity.  The serum has a lightweight water-gel texture  that is hydrating without being heavy.  This makes it especially suitable for oily skin types,  but it's also very easy to layer with a more emollient product  if you have dry skin like me.  Plus, unlike many other brightening serums  the "Blemish Care Up Serum" doesn't contain  any particularly sensitizing ingredient  so you can use it even if your skin is not in its best shape.  I used it when I was recovering  from contact dermatitis for example.  

Blemish Care Up Serum 2022
Blemish Care Up Serum 2022

2. Expert Madeca Mela Capture Ampoule RX

The next product I want to talk about is  a recent discovery I made last year  and it went on to become my favorite Korean skincare release of 2021.  I'm talking about the "Expert Madeca Mela Capture Ampoule RX"  by Centellian24.  Centellian24 is what I consider one of the best  and most innovative Korean skincare brands out there.  I talked about them many times on Instagram,  but I never got the chance to mention their products on this blogging site yet  because I want to make a dedicated article on the particular history of this brand.  Centellian24 is a beauty brand created by  a massive Korean pharmaceutical company  called Dongkook Pharmaceutical.  Dongkook Pharmaceutical rose to fame in the 1970s  for popularising the medicinal use of Centella Asiatica in Korea.  When they launched their beauty brand Centellian24,  they made sure that every single product by the brand  included TECA,  the signature ingredient that made them famous  and that combines the 4 main active principles  found in Centella Asiatica and that are responsible for  wound healing and skin regeneration.  Besides containing TECA,  this ampoule, in particular, was also formulated  using patented technology for the treatment  of pigmentation disorders.  This technology was inspired by  the Nobel-Prize winning research on Autophagy,  which is the natural process through which our body  replaces damaged cell components.  In the "Mela Capture Ampoule" this process is applied to  encourage the decomposition of excess melanin  and even out skin tone.  This ampoule is originally designed to  fade melasma and age spots,  but thanks to a powerful combination of  10 different brightening ingredients  and countless anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant components,  it can also be used to improve  post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation  and as a preventive treatment for pigmentation disorders.  I used it for the first time last year to fade  some brown spots in my eye area, as well as  some old post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation,  and I must say that I was impressed  by the quick results I had with this ampoule.  The Mela Capture Ampoule has a dense  but lightweight texture with great absorption.  The formula is not oily at all, making it suitable  even for oily or combination skin types.  On the other hand, if you have very dry skin like me,  you'll probably feel the need to follow up  with a rich cream to get that extra oil  that your skin needs.  

Expert Madeca Mela Capture Ampoule RX 2022
Expert Madeca Mela Capture Ampoule RX 2022

3. Radiant White Ultimate Corrector

The last product I'll show you today is the  "Radiant White Ultimate Corrector"  by The History of Whoo.  Many of you are probably thinking:  "Wasn't this supposed to be a video on serums?  Why are you showing us a cream?"  But it all makes sense I promise.  I'm not sure how many of you remember this,  but at the beginning of 2010  brightening serums in powder form  used to be all the rage in Korean skincare.  These products became popular because  they didn't oxidize as quickly and had a longer shelf life  compared to other brightening serums in liquid form.  In that period The History of Whoo launched  "Radiant White Ultimate Corrector",  a powder serum designed to lighten  all types of hyperpigmentation,  signs of melasma, and revive skin tone at the same time.  The product immediately attracted a cult following,  and to this day it's still one of the  top 10 bestsellers of the brand.  Not to mention, the only powder serum from that period  that survived until today.  The formula of this serum is truly unique  and nothing quite like any other product I ever experienced.  As you can see, it's a solid ointment  that almost looks like wax when you dig into the product.  I know some of you are probably thinking:  "How do you even spread that thing?"  and that's where the magic happens.  See, when the formula comes in contact  with the warmth of your fingers,  it melts like butter on the skin  and slowly disappears leaving no trace behind,  no oil, no grease,  no shine, no white cast,  nothing.  If anything, the product has a soft powdery finish  that reminds me of liquid baby powder,  if you know what I mean.  Unlike the other serums that we saw before,  this product is a concentrated spot treatment  that should be applied only in areas  where you have dark spots.  You can apply it all over your face if you wish,  but it can be a bit burdensome with all the rubbing, etc, etc  When you look at the ingredient list of this product,  you might be taken aback because you won't see  any known skin brightening ingredients:  there's no vitamin C here, no niacinamide  no arbutin... nothing.  Just a long list of botanical ingredients.  So you might be tempted to think:  "How is this even supposed to be working?"  And that's ok, I've been in those shoes before  and it's understandable,  but what you should know is that The History of Whoo  is a beauty brand that makes products based on  authentic remedies of Traditional Korean Medicine,  also known as Hanbang.  This line in particular is based on 5 traditional remedies  that help regulate melanin production,  increase cell turnover,  and prevent future hyperpigmentation.  Many of you already know that The History of Whoo  is my favorite Korean beauty brand,  and this was one of the first products  that made me realize the real potential  of this brand when I was younger.  I've been using it for over 7 years  and it's truly an incredible product  when it comes to lightening stubborn hyperpigmentation. 

Radiant White Ultimate Corrector 2022
Radiant White Ultimate Corrector 2022

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Plus, since it has such a peculiar texture,  you can use it both on its own  or in combination with another brightening serum  if you want to get quicker results. Lately, I'm using it in combination with the  "Mela Capture Ampoule" by Centellian24  and the "Age Focus Vita Quinone Mela Care For All Cream"  by Isa Knox,  which is a brightening cream I'll talk about  in my next article.Thank you so much for reading this article today and I'll see you next time. 


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